Stu pike pose to show core strength

Get Ripped Get Fit Get Happy Fitness Course Overview

This six-week course is specifically designed for people over 40 who are regular exercisers and want to take their existing fitness a step further. It will take your muscular strength and endurance, core strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility to a more advanced level. As well as giving you a more shaped and defined physique it will enhance your balance and co-ordination.

This is achieved by using a diverse range of powerful, intense and very effective training techniques. The workouts are short and concise. They are designed to be done at home with no equipment and to fit into a busy schedule.

Many of the workouts are very focused and intense, designed to push you to achieve your real potential, but without spending hours training every day.

Combined with this workout program are numerous lifestyle changes and easy to do daily routines that will ensure that you get the best possible results.

As with the Get Lean, Get Fit, Get Happy course, this course uses synergistic combinations to enhance your muscular toning and definition. Because the changes are designed to complement each other, the more that you use, the greater and more powerful their effect.

This course is for you if you’re an existing exerciser who is:

  • Wanting a more defined physique with stronger more toned muscles.
  • Keen to shed that last bit of stubborn excess weight.
  • Looking for a program that can be done anywhere without the need for gym equipment and can be fitted into a busy schedule.
  • Frustrated that your current exercise routine is not giving you the results you want.
  • Keen to push yourself harder to get the best out of yourself, but not sure how to do it.
  • Getting bored with your existing workout and is looking for a new program to add some variety to your routine.
  • Looking for a new challenge.
  • Wanting to be the best that you can be.

Course Format

  • 6 week challenge with structured plans for each week with the flexibility to work around your commitments.
  • Short concise workouts so that they can be fitted into busy schedules.
  • Workouts are devised so that no gym equipment is required.The videos include best practice techniques to help prevent injury and to enable you to achieve the results you’re looking for more effectively.
  • An overview and thorough explanation of the purpose of each type of exercise so you know the benefits you’ll be getting.
  • Option to watch the videos with full introductory instruction or to go straight to the workout for when you’re familiar with best practice.
  • A diverse and comprehensive range of practical and easy to implement lifestyle tips and strategies to enable you to achieve even better results than would normally be possible from conventional advice for people over 40.
  • Ongoing support.

This course is due to launch in February 2020