Exercising Well

Smart ways to exercise that give you amazing physical health without spending hours every day doing it. 

Eating Well

Practical resources and tips to help you unlock the incredible power of nutrition.

Living Well

Discover the synergistic effects and extraordinary benefits of making small lifestyle changes.

Get Strong Fit and Happy

Get Strong Fit and Happy is about providing practical resources to help people achieve an amazing level of health and fitness in the years beyond 40 without being a fitness fanatic.

It’s not about denying yourself the pleasure of your favourite foods or living in the gym.

It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, small changes can make a huge difference to our vitality and our long-term health.

Holistic approach

Long term health and well being is not just about diet and exercise, it’s important to address a diverse range of factors and to have available an extensive array of resources.

It’s our aim to provide people with a comprehensive toolkit that they can use to transform their health and fitness for the rest of their lives.


Whether you’re looking to transform your fitness or make some refinements and improvements, Get Strong Fit and Happy is a comprehensive toolkit to give you the autonomy to invest in your health for the long-term, and in a way that doesn’t dominate your life.

Here’s a short extract from the audio book:

4 minute extract from audio book

Stuart’s book is available in paperback at Amazon, Waterstones and Hashtag Press. Amazon also have the digital version and the audio book.

For the audio version with downloadable action plans and exercises at the end of each chapter, please click on this link:

Free Companion Guide & Resource Kit

Originally compiled to accompany the book to make it a practical resource for busy people over 40, it can also be used as a standalone toolkit to help you invest in your long-term health and make informed choices about what feels right for you.

This Resource Kit is based on the importance of making small, incremental changes that are easy to implement, sustainable over the longer term and that fit into busy lives.

The Companion Guide e-book includes action plans and exercises to help you move forward with your health and fitness goals.

To accompany the Workbook and Companion Guide there are 3 sections in the Resource Kit: Exercising Well, Eating Well & Living Well

Exercising Well Resource Kit
  • Audio extract on the No Pain No Gain Myth
  • Assessing exercise options via fitness goals
  • Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and an example workout.
  • Video introduction to Super Slow Resistance Training
  • Best practice tips for different forms of exercise such as callisthenics, stretching, HIIT and Super Slow etc.
Eating Well Resource Kit
  • Recipes that are quick to make, healthy and tasty. Each recipe card outlines the health benefits of key ingredients with indicators of whether it’s low GL and/or suitable for detoxing.
  • Quick Reference Food Table to help you select foods that are alkalising and help to balance blood sugar.
  • Overviews of new research to keep you up-to-date on the latest in nutrition.
Living Well Resource Kit
  • Check lists to help you target what you’d like to focus on and prioritise your goals.
  • Action plans and templates to help you move your goals forward.
  • Mini-guides for a quick overview of lifestyle strategies to integrate such as stress relieving breathing techniques, meditation etc.
  • Tips to help you get your health and fitness goals back on track when life has got in the way.
58 year old Stu working out in his favourite gym