Stuart and Sue Roberts are a husband and wife team dedicated to helping people over 40 to live their best lives.

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Stuart Roberts

Naturopathic Nutritionist & Fitness Coach

Stuart grew up with a father who had to give up his beloved cricket and football in his late thirties owing to ill health.

This made Stuart determined to help others find ways to keep fit and healthy throughout their lives so that they could live life to the full.

Stuart Roberts was as an operational fire fighter for 30 years and a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for 25 of those years.

Keen to widen his knowledge of health and fitness he studied nutrition for 6 years and qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist in 2003, which opened his eyes to the amazing health we can attain throughout our lives.

In 2004 he built on his experience as a PTI and qualified as a Coach and Instructor in a revolutionary exercise program. Learning from mentors in their sixties he was amazed by what they could do! It changed what he thought was possible with respect to fitness as we get older.

Stuart found that one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a Fire Fighter was being asked for advice and tips on how to stay fit and seeing colleagues transform their fitness. This inspired him to share with others the knowledge and experience he had taken years to accrue.

Stuart is passionate about empowering people to embrace getting older and to achieve amazing levels of fitness, and without it dominating their lives.

Sue Roberts

Personal Development Coach and Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner

Sue grew up in a family who never felt good enough, were overly modest and self-critical, and tended to compare themselves unfavourably with others. This led them to work far too hard in an effort to prove their worth, and in turn this strong work ethic and continual drive to achieve led to ill health through stress.

Sue is therefore passionate about helping people to live life to the full through self-acceptance, acknowledging innate qualities, optimising strengths and minimising stress.

In 2005 Sue qualified as a Coach and went on to specialise in confidence, work/life balance and career coaching. 

Learning about neuroscience helped Sue to recognise the impact our feelings and emotions have on every aspect of our lives including of course our well being. 

She found it fascinating to learn that at the molecular level there is no distinction between mind and body and that people who are in touch with their emotions have stronger immune systems. This added a new dimension to the link between being strong, fit and happy.

In turn, this re-sparked her interest in the power and simplicity of the Bach Flower Remedies. Sue qualified as a Practitioner in 2019 and absolutely loves hearing from people the difference these essences make to their lives.

When it comes to being strong, fit and happy there’s always something new to learn so Sue is currently studying to be a Chopra Wellbeing Coach.

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