Jason F. Gawel BSED DipCFPA AIFireE Fire Safety Advisor

Jason F Gawel

Fire Safety Officer

A brilliant resource! An almanac for increasing health span and staying fit, strong and healthy into the 21st century.

There is a plethora of information out there, and Stuart organises the book into easy, digestible principles that have helped me understand the why and the how.

He also takes it that step further by providing simple ways to apply the information, which has helped me make the necessary incremental changes needed, day by day.

Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy is a brilliant bedside resource that I will use for years to come to help me and my family get fit and stay fit.

Thank you Guru Stu, you have done it again.

Lynn Preston

Retired Police Operations Manager

Living a busy life, going to the gym or even taking the time to go for a walk has been more of a luxury than a priority. I ended up feeling guilty for not doing anything but at the same time did not know where to start. 

Suddenly finding myself in my late fifties I started to wonder if it was too late to turn my health and fitness around.  These resources helped me to take that first step, make small changes and create new habits that I could fit around my work commitments. 

As well as feeling physically fitter, more energised and less stressed, I feel far more positive and fired up to learn and achieve more. Thank you for collating these resources and giving me the springboard I needed.

John Devlin

Graphic Designer & Bereavement Counsellor

As someone who needs to get strong, needs to get fit and could always do with a bit more happiness AND being over 40 I was naturally drawn to this book.

I have found it informing and inspirational with real knowledge, empathy and practical advice all delivered in the soothing and empowering voice of the author.

You get a sense of real authority with the book from someone who really knows how the body and mind works and encourages you to do the same, to make the best version of yourself. I’ve already put in many of the suggested practices and have certainly identified really positive changes. Highly recommended.